Certified company for preventive fire protection

Certified company for preventive fire protection

09 Jun 2020

Quality and sustainability

Sustained economies are a major concern - both within our company and with respect to our projects. Sustainability in the original sense refers to something that 'holds' for a long time, 'after' something has been constructed or put into motion. The prerequisite for sustainability is high product and service quality, since this is the only way of creating long-lasting systems that are economically efficient and conserve resources.

Our quality management is ISO 9001:2008 certified for constant high quality. In the benchmarking of 175 leading companies from industry, trade and services in all areas of activity, it has always maintained its high level placement. Furthermore, we use audits and reviews to reveal other potential skills and thus continuously increase the level of our quality.

Qualified and committed employees form the basis of our work. Therefore, we regularly invest in their initial and continuing vocational training. We take up our social responsibility by training young people, who as a rule continue working for us upon completion of their training.

We document our high claim to quality through numerous certificates issued by renowned organizations, such as Zentalverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie (ZVEI), VdS Schadensverhütung (VdS), Bundesverband der Hersteller- und Errichterfirmen von Sicherheitssystemen (BHE) or Deutschen Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen (DQS). These certificates give our customers security in their choice of suppliers and minimize their liability risks in the case of a damaging event. Furthermore, we have been prequalified by Connexio Achilles for energy suppliers as well as in the Berlin List of Companies and Suppliers (ULV).

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Über unsere ehrenamtliche Vorstandstätigkeit in der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Errichter und Planer des ZVEI arbeiten wir aktiv in den Normungsgremien von DIN und DKE mit. Unsere Kunden profitieren davon, denn wir erkennen frühzeitig wichtige Trends und richten unsere Leistungen darauf aus. Nicht zuletzt bringen wir auch die Erfahrungen unserer Kunden in die Normungsgremien mit ein.

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Qualität erwarten wir last but not least auch von unseren Dienstleistern. Um eine hohe Verfügbarkeit unserer Unternehmensabläufe sicherzustellen, arbeiten wir mit namhaften Unternehmen zusammen. Wir setzen auf partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit ...

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